Christmas and Economics – What Could Be Better?

by Kirk Kinder on December 7, 2012

Here is a humorous take on economic theory wrapped in a Christmas carol (h/t Daily Capitalist). The parody attacks the claims that wealth is created by consumption – a common misnomer preached by Keynesians like Paul Krugman. The reality is wealth is created through savings, investment and improvements in productivity. Think about it for a second. Does your personal wealth increase when you buy TVs, iPads, and clothing or when you invest in stocks, bonds, and real estate. Many Keynesians claim that on the individual level savings increases wealth, but it doesn’t work on a macro level. Huh? Isn’t the macro simply a compilation of the micro? Anyway, this will be enjoyed by those of you who are as boring as me and find economics fascinating (yes, I just said I find economics fascinating).

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  • Cece - glad you liked it. These songs are great tools to learn.

  • Great parody Kirk. And I find economics fascinating as well :)

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